Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Overly Interest in Pinterest.

Why is it that every time I walk into Hobby Lobby I usually walk out with nothing? I know all you savvy crafty people out there reading this just gasped with shock but for some reason my ideas and dreams of making/doing things get cut short when I walk into that store. I think its because I have SO much that I want to do and no house to put all these crafty creations in.

I also blame all this on

Before my bestie, Amy, introduced me to this- I only had a few projects here and there that I kept in the back of my mind and now I have over 40 and a website that keeps track of ALL of them for me AND organizes everything by whatever categorie I want. Awesome.

Have you been crafty with a project you saw on Pinterest?? I would love to hear about it!

Also- I want to give y'all a house update!! Tyler went by today and snapped this photo of the side of the house! Hopefully with the next update I will have better photos but until then- This will do! 

As you can see, they have put up the roof AND the sides!! Those workers get down to business! WOOP WOOP! :) 


  1. awesome about the house!

    and if I could only show you all the pinterest projects. my office decor is because of pinterest!

  2. yay for the house!

    and i LOVE pinterest. i made a cash wallet for budgeting that i found on there.. it inspired me to get a sewing machine. it's an unhealthy obsession.

    and......... i was first shocked at your hobby lobby comment, but then i thought about it. for me, it's either spend $300 or spend nothing, so i typically spend nothing haha. unfortunately, there is no hobby lobby in california :((